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Born in London, England, I spent most of my life traveling to Africa, the Middle East and Asia, returning to Europe and then Canada to finish my schooling in Business, Art History and Interior Design. My first experiences in set design had me hooked and I have lived and breathed design since.

My inspiration in design comes from the tapestry of landscapes, cultures, art and architecture of the places I have visited and lived. I strive to bring this richness into my design. I am personally drawn to intriguing spaces, natural materials, eye-catching textures and patterns, and unique handcrafted elements.
With twenty years of experience in residential, corporate, retail and hospitality design my portfolio ranges from projects in Montreal, Vancouver, Kelowna, Miami and Mexico. While working in diverse contexts I believe that, as designers, we must strive to keep the integrity, beauty and function of each project.
My aim is to develop the highest possible level of design in order to exceed expectations. The final project will define and support the client’s way of living or doing business. Through an ongoing relationship created by careful and open communication between the trades, the designer and the client, the final product will be successfully achieved.

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