Design One – Stevens Interiors was recently acquired on Jan 1 2013 by long-time staff member and designer, Linda Hutchinson. Linda carries on a long and proud tradition of high quality interior design, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Design One – Stevens Interiors was established in 1995 with the amalgamation of two existing companies – Stevens Interiors Ltd., owned by Rod Stevens (originally founded by his father Elmer George Stevens in 1949), and Design One Interiors, founded by Wendy Marley and Len Thomas in 1988.

In the 1930s, Elmer Stevens was introduced to the design industry after working in a large paint factory in Laurel Point in Victoria, BC. After joining the army during WWII, he returned to Victoria in 1946 and began working at Mowat-Grant (a subsidiary of Douglas Paint in Vancouver). Wanting to start his own business, Elmer soon leased two stores in a building on Quadra Street where he began Island Paint Distributors with Art Green and Joan Bannister. The business expanded quickly, largely in part through Elmer’s ingenious card system for choosing residential paint colours, and the hard work and dedication from both Art Green and Joan Bannister.

In 1949, Elmer Stevens stopped leasing the two stores on Quadra for Island Paint Distributors after he purchased the entire building. Elmer and his wife, Dorothy Stevens, then changed the name of the company to Stevens Interiors Ltd. after obtaining additional shareholders.

Rod Stevens, Elmer’s son, also began working at Stevens Interiors Ltd. in the 50s. Both Rod and Elmer’s innovative vision and passion for design led them to expand the business to include wall coverings and fabrics. Elmer and Rod jointly decided to completely renovate the building on Quadra, allowing them to expand their store and the store’s collections in the 70s. At one point, Stevens Interiors Ltd. housed the largest in-store selection of wall coverings in all of Canada!

Elmer’s vision has been passed down through the years, first to his son Rod Stevens, and later with Rod’s partnership with Wendy Marley and Len Thomas to create Design One-Stevens Interiors. This vision continues to live on in the heart of the current owner Linda Hutchinson, who first began working with Stevens Interiors Ltd. in 1989. Here, Linda had the honour of working with Elmer, Rod, and Art Green, and later Wendy Marley when Stevens Interiors Ltd and Design One merged in 1996.

Also sharing in this vision are our wonderful designers Carole Hutchinson, Devon Anderson, Helen Faustino, Katherine Roberts, Rita Edwards, and our office manager and photographer Jennifer Norman.



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