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“I had the privilege of working with Helen after I sold my tech company and was eager to build my dream house. Thus began a process of communication and intuition that I am still impressed with years later. The best designers are not only highly skilled and impeccable in their work, they are intuitive and listen for your personality as well as your vision. And then there is the supreme challenge of balancing form and function. Helen navigated all of these waters with ease and grace and I’m grateful for her impressive contribution. When I am ready to do it all again, she will be my first call.” Charles Rose
My journey exploring Interior Design started at a very young age. You could say I was born an Interior Designer. Growing up in a small town in the interior of British Columbia, in a traditional Russian family, life revolved around family, food, tradition and culture. And our home was the heart of my family. When I had a pocket of time to escape, you would find me in my bedroom, with floor plan books scattered across my table as I poured over the drawings, looking for the “ultimate plan”. I would paste photo cut-outs of furniture selections, draperies, lighting options and accessories onto sheets of paper, close my eyes, and visualize what it all looked like.
After studying Interior Design in Southern California, I returned to the west coast of British Columbia to pursue my career. I have spent the last 27 years in the design industry working in various capacities, including in-store marketing, design coaching and consulting, as well as managing many full service interior design projects in both the commercial and residential realms. In addition, I have recently developed an Interior Design course that I also teach at an independent high school, enjoying every minute inspiring the young designers of the future.
I believe that great design begins with a comprehensive understanding of my client’s needs and expectations. I enjoy partnering in their vision, and creating functional solutions. Whether it be a new colour scheme or a full design package, I enjoy balancing design decisions with client expectations and desires.

“I believe design is the medium we use to tell our story; where we’ve come from, where we are and where we are going.”

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