Huff Post Home’s Solution To Getting The Most Out Of A Tiny Kitchen.

Huff Post Home has some great ideas on how to get the most out of a tiny kitchen! According to them, “A well-designed kitchen isn’t synonymous with a huge kitchen. While we might dream of the massive open-concept kitchens anchored by a giant island (often seen in Nancy Meyers’ movies), the reality is that few of us really need that much space. Besides, we all know that island would quickly be covered in a wide range of junk mail and clutter.“

The seven ways (see their photos for examples) that they highlight to get the most out of a small kitchen are:
1. Ditch cabinets for open shelving to keep away that “claustrophobic” feeling.
2. Glass-front cabinets also give the illusion of space.
3. A white tile backsplash is simple and affordable.
4. Edit your “stuff” down to only what you need.
5. In an open concept, your counter can also become a breakfast bar.
6. If you can, get your microwave off the counter.
7. Remember, layout is everything.

*All images from Huff Post Home.

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August 12th, 2014
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