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Marci Boecking

Marci is a big fan of Alain de Botton who taught her that without beauty, life can feel hard, dull and even sickly, and that humans are very much shaped by the spaces we spend time in.

Marci joins Design One Stevens Interiors with a compelling history that includes quality assurance, ballet, farming, home renovation and tiny home carpentry. Marci applies a meticulous eye and focus on fluency to each facet of a project, from function and form to colour and placement. She enjoys learning how clients tend to use and flow throughout their home, office or studio, and while working with the client every step of the way,  create and implement a design strategy to enhance their relationship with that space.

As a child, Marci drew floorplans before she knew what floorplans were. Her hand-made, 2-storey 3D home model even remained in her high school’s hallway showcase for several years after she graduated. After years of post-secondary education and a career in software testing, Marci desperately wanted to learn how to build her own home and eventually returned to school to become a carpenter, graduating with honours. She worked on in excess of 60 homes in over 5 years of renovations, completing every type of task from framing and drywall to painting and trim. Her latest carpentry work for a small island-based company specialized in custom tiny homes on wheels. Throughout the years, Marci spent plenty of free time designing spaces and curating collections of inspiration, mainly for herself. In 2021, she decided to shift to the design side and began offering these services to others.

A lack of beauty can have deeply detrimental effects on those living in such surroundings, which is why Marci makes it her goal to understand what sort of beauty will enhance her clients’ lives.


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