Low V.O.C. Paints

Have you heard of V.O.C. paints? Here are some things you should know:

-Low V.O.C. stands for low “volatile organic compound”.
-In Canada, for a paint to be considered low V.O.C., it must contain less than 50g/liter.
-sometimes, adding a colorant to a base will increase the level of V.O.C. in a paint.
-however, you can now also get low V.O.C. colorants.
-In fact, some paint brands are now making 0% V.O.C. bases and colorants.
-Most importantly, getting a low or 0% V.O.C. paint does not affect the quality of the paint. It just makes it easier to breathe!!!

You can find low or 0% V.O.C. paints at most stores now, including brands such as Benjamin Moore, General Paint, Canadian Industries Limited/Glidden Paint, Cloverdale Paint, and Farrow & Ball.

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July 28th, 2014
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